Hello Bulldog Peeps,
We want to thank you for our new bundle of joy. Bella is quickly socialising with us. She already knows how to sit and comes when called. She loves the farm and all of our chickens, turkey, and goats are getting along with her. You guys bred wonderful well behaved puppies! Not to mention adorable! Thank you for another wonderful addition to our family here in the Polokwane.
Regina … Limpopo.

We just wanted to thank you for Brent. He is just wonderful, it is obvious by his temperament that he came from a loving, social and playful environment. Words can’t explain the joy he has brought to our lives, he had us wrapped around his paw the minute we picked him up. Thanks for being so easy to get ahold of and so informative through out all of this. You took all the stress out of buying a puppy. Thanks again.
Stella & Elliot …. PTA.

Hello there, this is Jolene, I adopted Aggie 4 months ago. These past 4 months have been a blessing for me! I love Aggie very much, she keeps me company all the time and I’m so happy to have her with me, as well as my boyfriend. I don’t feel lonely anymore when I’m all by my self, she has filled the void in my heart . She loves to play and then destroy her toys! She knows she can tear her toys apart and not the furniture or things inside the house. She’s very smart, she will do anything for a treat! We hope her parents are well and healthy. Send our greetings to them and all the Bulldog family in your East London farm! Have a wonderful day!
Jolene … Cape Town.