Here at English Bulldog South Africa’s Bulldog Farm we take pride in our Bulldog Puppies. We are also here to serve you. In order to do our best for both you and the future member of your family we feel it is very important to offer a guarantee. We advise you to carefully read through this guarantee as it outlines all aspects of bringing one of our Bulldog Puppies into your home. If you have any questions please contact us; we would be happy to respond to you request!

We guarantee a safe delivery. We guarantee our Bulldog Puppies to be in good health to the best of our knowledge. All Bulldog Puppies will have a vet exam prior to delivery to their new home and will receive a health certificate from our vet. This will insure that they are healthy and free of defects. All shots and vaccinations will be current and a health record will be sent with your Bulldog Puppy. Should a defect or a problem be found during their exam you will be notified immediately. You will have the choice of choosing another Bulldog Puppy or having your payment refunded in full. Our Bulldog Puppies are ready for a loving home to go to because they are spoiled, and receive all the love and attention they deserve from the day they were born.

Our Bulldog Puppies come to you with a one-year genetic guarantee against any fatal diseases.

DELIVERY: Our puppies can be transported via ground transportation or via Air transportation. Puppies also receive food and water at each stops during their journey. In order to deliver your puppy it is very important for us to have your Email, Cellphone number and the Name of your delivery address.

Bulldog Puppies are only able to be re-homed after 8 weeks. In case something happens to the Bulldog Puppy before it is able to be adopted by you, your deposit will count towards another puppy of equal or greater value. We also appreciate a call just to let us know how your new puppy is doing. We like to know that they are safe and happy in their new home.