What to do

After purchasing your little bundle of joy we will ask you to provide us with your choice of delivery mode. We ship our puppies to their new homes via ground transportation, Air Transportation or better still, you can pick up from our Farm.

We use various Local/National Airlines to ship our Bulldog Puppies to their new homes. Your Bulldog Puppy will be kept in a climate control area of the plane and will be taken very good care of while in their possession.

Your Bulldog Puppy will be transported in a travel crate and will be awaiting your arrival at a specific location in the airport which is also included in the flight information.

Ground Transportation:
Your Bulldog Puppy will be transported in a well-ventilated pet-friendly Delivery Van to your designated address. Food and water are provided in transit and occasional stops and checks to make sure that the Bulldog Puppies are in good condition.